"Every child deserves an opportunity for independence."

Working Together

Family or Professional Training and Consultation

Consultative services are offered for families, professionals, educators, and support staff for issues such as working through difficult behaviors related to Autism, Communication Disorders, Behavior Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, Cognitive Delays, Learning Disabilities, and Emotional difficulties.  

Special Learning 1-ON-1 LLC focuses on a child’s strengths and develops functional behavioral principles around these strengths to help them achieve the most independent level functioning possible.  

¨ Functional Behavioral Assessment: Completion of a 4 page assessment form and consultation of at least one hour with family/professionals discussing the Functional Behavioral Assessment findings.  Verbal/written recommendations of what positive interventions may be available to help them is provided.  Hourly rate applies. 

¨ Parent Assessment:  Completion and review of an 8 page assessment of what the family would like for their child and professionals working with their child.  Verbal/written recommendations are provided.  Hourly rate applies. 

Learning Without Behaviors

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¨ Initial Consultation and Behavior Plan Development:  Includes 3-4 hours of observation and consultation with parents and professionals in addition to a behavioral recommendation report.  Contractual rate applies. 

¨ Weekly therapy (behavioral, social or academic) with child and/or family.  Hourly rate applies. 

¨ Phone/Internet Consultation: Hourly rate applies.

¨ Observations and Evaluations: 1-2 hours includes brief report of observations and positive behavioral recommendations for the child.  Contractual rate applies.