Consultation and Assessments

Consultative services are offered for families, professionals, educators, and support staff for issues such as working through difficult behaviors related to Autism, Communication Disorders, Behavior Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, Cognitive Delays, Learning Disabilities, and Emotional difficulties.

Special Learning 1-ON-1 LLC focuses on a child’s strengths and develops functional behavioral principles around these strengths to help them achieve the most independent level functioning possible.



Initial Consultation and Behavior Plan Development:  Includes 3-4 hours of observation and consultation with parents and professionals in addition to a behavioral recommendation report.  Contractual rate applies.

Weekly therapy (behavioral, social or academic) with child and/or family.  Hourly rate applies.

Phone/Internet Consultation: Hourly rate applies.

Observations and Evaluations: 1-2 hours includes brief verbal or written report of observations and positive behavioral recommendations for the child.  Contractual rate applies.

Functional Behavioral Assessment: Completion of a Functional Behavioral  Assessment form and consultation  with the family/professionals discussing the Functional Behavioral Assessment findings.  Verbal/written recommendations of what positive interventions may be available to help them is provided.  Contractual rate applies.

Parent Assessment:  Completion and review of an 8 page assessment of what the family would like for their child and professionals working with their child.  Verbal/written recommendations are provided.  Contractual rate applies.