Positive Behavioral Methods


  • Positive Behavioral Interventions, Supports and Reinforcement Principles are utilized as fundamental methods to achieve behavioral success for the families we service.
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Pivotal Response Training, Relationship Development Interventions and Social Skills Training including strategies such as social autopsies and social story development are evidence and practice-based methodologies utilized to help individuals’ achieve success.
  • Behavioral Situations are carefully analyzed to determine the functional variables present that are contributing to the behavioral intricacies presented by the client.  Careful analysis of the antecedents, behaviors, and consequences of each situation are systematically manipulated to ensure success for the client.  The clinician frequently utilizes video and audio recordings to determine how momentary behavioral reactions are interpreted and perceived by the individual and their families.

REASONS TO SEEK SPECIAL LEARNING 1-ON-1 LLC Services for your child or staff. 

  • The treatments recommended are formulated from research and experientially based Operant Conditioning Principles.
  • The treatments are based on the child’s current areas of strength.
  • The treatments are systematic and easy to administer when the treatment is fully understood by the person applying the assistance.
  • Special Learning 1-ON-1 LLC believes in intrinsically motivating children to become more independently functioning  adolescents and adults.