Special Learning 1-ON-1 LLC can help:

  • If  your staff is dealing with difficult behaviors…
  • If  your staff needs immediate behavioral changes for the students they serve…
  • If your staff needs positive ways to deal with difficult behaviors instead of using punitive measures…

Staff-training includes in-services and conference presentations for school districts, private agencies, medical professionals, and others.

  • In-services with Special Learning 1-ON-1 LLC include detailed descriptions of the common behavioral difficulties and pitfalls.
  • In-services also describe how to avoid common pitfalls and analyze behavior in terms of functional variables.
  • Conference Presentations are offered when given at least six month notice for scheduling concerns.


Contractual full day or half day In-service rates apply.
Mileage is reimbursed at the state mileage rate plus travel time.
Travel and per-diem are based on contract when service is scheduled.